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5 Best SEO Reseller Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big key point to marketing your business or services online in today’s modern world. Gone are the days of simple advertizing to educate and direct people to your products. Remember getting a flyer in the mail? Yes, that does still exist, but not as much. People are used to seeing things on a screen online nowadays in their mobile smartphone devices, tablets, or laptops.

You have to be a savvy market strategist with specific ways to best execute a killer SEO reseller program to get the word out about your product. Many marketing firms outsource this SEO heavy content since traditional marketing methods have little to do with modern technology. SEO reseller plans that firms specialize in are becoming more and more popular as a marketing tool. A typical reseller plan including these strategies.


A Comprehensive Marketing Outline that includes these five main points:


  • PR Releases To Online Outlets
  • Social Media Campaign-Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Articles and Blog Posts for Webpages
  • Manuals, Brochures, Grafts,and Pie Charts
  • Whitepapers or White Label SEO


This is a relatively new kind of marketing so if you are going to hire or outsource this type of service make sure the team you are hiring has some kind of experience in this field. You need to see a proven track record of success with specific companies they have worked for. Have a complete outline of what you want them to do for your business is very important. Selection criteria is key, because things can go wrong if you aren’t careful with who you hire. You can get ineffective SEO programs that don’t benefit your business which is a complete waste of your time and money. So hire a reseller team carefully.


PR Releases To Get The Word Out


These are geared towards all the major news outlets in print and online. Online PR releases aren’t that much different than a regular PR release, because they follow the same AP style format when done correctly. If they aren’t done to the standard news outlets are used to they might not use your press release leaving you without an important online word of mouth marketing.


Social Media Campaigns That Are Effective


No one is completely sure how to make things “go viral” on the internet to get a specific amount of attention. Utilizing all forms of social media will help get the word out about your goods or services. Depending on who your product is geared towards will determine which form of social media you hit the hardest. Keeping posts fresh, exciting, and updated regularly will keep your services in the eyes of the targeted consumer. For example Twitter is a great way to show up on someone’s daily feed to advertise what you have going on in your company. Make sure those 140 characters grab the consumer’s attention, so they click on the link, and come to your website.


Articles and Blog Posts For Webpages


When you have a business it’s absolutely imperative to have an effective up to date webpage in the modern era. Get a professional web designer who knows exactly how to build the best web page possible. Sometimes people’s first stop to check out your business is your web page, so make sure it’s updated regularly and looks as sharp as can be. It also needs to be effective in mobile web page form since more and more people are using their smartphones as a computer. Keeping a subscription based weekly blog post that gets sent out to your customers will keep them coming back to your site regularly. Well written content is king. It will help to showcase your website in the best way to make your business a success.


Manuals and Brochures That Are Intelligently Designed


This might seem like an antiquated way to promote your business, but it still helps to have these materials on hand for your customers to see. You can also have them online linked to your website in a PDF downloadable format.


Whitepages Are Very Important Documents


A white paper is just an authoritative report giving information in a concise, clear manner. White Label SEO is a website that sells your products directly. You want your website to come up clearly and easily when someone searches in “Google” or other search platform.
Hiring the best reseller team to help promote your business online is a great way to take some of the pressure off of your regular marketing team who might not be as familiar with SEO type content. The internet is a big fast moving place. Be a part of a successful business by having your SEO optimization come to the forefront of whatever service you are offering.


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