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How SEO Resellers Bridge the Communication Gap

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Almost the entire global population who uses the Internet, or about 93 percent of users, will visit a search engine after clicking on their link to get to the web. This shows the relevance of the major sites for search engines to bring people closer to the people, places, products, and things they seek in their online experiences. It also demonstrates the vital need for search engine optimization, which increases the chances that a company using it will be listed higher on those search engine results pages through improving the quality of that site and through making content more visible.

More importantly, 79 percent of people searching for things online through search engines will click only on the natural, or organic results, while 80 percent say they have no interest in clicking on the paid sponsored ads that show up above these natural results. These people are getting even smarter than ever about the links they click on. They are wise not to click the paid results because it is direct online advertising and rarely is the exact match a user wants. The natural results appearing below these paid ads are going to bring the typical user better results.

What does this all mean for the SEO world, or more importantly for a business wanting to capitalize on this Internet marketing tool through increasing online sales? It means as an online marketing opportunity, SEO is best handled by SEO professionals and the SEO resellers with whom they work. There are blogs and other useful articles on how companies can get Seo tips and implement programs themselves, but more commonly the greatest successes come from companies investing their time and money with SEO resellers and the providers they contract with.

Through SEO resellers, all communication is handled effectively, and other tools are thrown in as well like social media and mobile applications. Sixty four percent of people owning smartphones use these devices to shop online, and 90 percent of adults who are online frequently will use social media. These two areas are ripe for development in the SEO world, with SEO resellers working their magic to draw in customers interested in not only SEO but also social media and mobile applications as ancillary marketing based services. What businesses get from these SEO resellers is great communication, excellent customer service and marketing tools that they could never implement successfully on their own.

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