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The Four Most Important Skills You Need to Be a Great SEO Reseller

Seo reseller strategy

Nearly 0% of people check their phone book when they’re looking for a new product or service. You probably know how people usually search for products they want because you’re one of those people. Over 90% of the time, a consumer begins their product search with a search engine, usually Google. Nearly 80% of the time when a customer is actually looking for a place to give their money to, they ignore the paid ads and choose one of the organic results listed first page of links.

Since search engines drive so many sales, both online and in-person, search engine optimization is quickly becoming a necessity for every business. This opens an enormous opportunity for people who are interested in making a living online to really thrive as SEO resellers. The SEO resellers who really kick butt in the biz either possess these qualities, or gain them in SEO reseller training from the firm they work with:

  1. Good Sales Techniques
    This probably goes without saying. Any person in the business of selling needs to have some good sales skills. In the SEO world though, the concept of search engine optimization is completely foreign to many small business owners. In fact, 91% of business owners with five or fewer employees serve as their own entire marketing department. This means a plumber who has four employees working in his plumbing business is also managing the marketing for his company, with no knowledge of marketing at all, let alone the concept of search engine optimization. SEO resellers must be able to not only sell their services, they have to be able to sell the entire concept to our plumber and similar business owners, who have no idea how much their business could improve through search engine optimization.
  2. A Firm Grasp of Product
    If you work with a white label SEO service, after to bring clients on-board, most of the labor is done by the SEO firm that you work with. Since you are not in the trenches, you don’t have to be an expert in the nitty-gritty, but the better you understand SEO services, the better you will be able to convey to your clients why their business can’t live without it. A good firm will provide ongoing SEO reseller training, so that you’re always on the up and up with the world of search engine optimization.

  3. Customer Relations
    Even though the white label SEO provider you’re using is doing the work in the back end, you and your brand are what the client knows. It’s important that you are a service matter expert on using the platform, so that you can assist your clients in getting the most out of the service they are paying for. Also, you are their point of contact for any questions and concerns they have. Providing excellent customer service is the service that you personally offer to maintain loyal clients.
  4. Regular Contact
    The SEO firm who is driving your client’s SEO campaign can only work with the information that you collect when meeting with the client. It is essential that you have regular meetings with the client to act as a conduit in both to collecting feedback from the client and conveying strategies from the SEO firm.

What qualities do you think an SEO reseller should possess, either innately, or gained through SEO reseller training to be successful? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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