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The top reasons to resell social media

Social media reseller

In recent years, internet marketing companies have turned more and more to online resellers to help grow their businesses. These individuals can resell social media, web design, search engine optimization and web hosting services, among other things. Those that choose to resell social media services in particular will find an incredible number of advantages waiting for them after they get started. Deciding to resell social media could be the best choice for those that have sat and wondered about what it would be like to become their own boss and work from home.

One of the reasons that deciding to resell social media can lead to success is because it is a service that is very much in demand. A full 94 percent of social media marketers keep track of the number of followers and fans. A lot of client companies would love to see the number of people across various social media platforms increase.

People that choose to resell social media and SEO services could provide a great deal of information to their clients that could make search engine marketing very appealing. 39 percent of all customers come from some kind of search, according to service providers and online retailers. These search marketing and social media services could be instrumental in helping a clients website reach the top of the search engine results. A full three quarters of individuals that perform an internet search find what they want on the first SERP (search engine result page), and do not bother looking further.

Finally, people that resell social media will be able to sell their clients the idea that they could provide them higher organic search results. 70 percent of the links that people using search engines click on are organic in nature. Those that resell social media could also give their clients other significant statistics, such as the fact that 79 percent of people using search engines nearly always click on natural search results. 80 percent of those people using search engines claim that they rarely or never click on those results that are sponsored.

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